About Us

Exports represent the most important component of foreign trade which is of crucial importance to the development of a country. Increased exports lead to wealth generated in the country while boosting production efficiency. Being aware of this country, our country established the first exporters' Association in 1937 in accordance with a decree signed by Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK.

Presently, there are a total of 60 exporters' Associations which have been established with a view to contributing to increase in exports, promoting solidarity among exporters, organizing professional activities and relationships of exporters, finding solutions to their problems, and providing guidance. The Associations are active in 26 export-oriented industries.

Operating at 66 points in parallel with the rapidly growing national economy, exporters' Associations have included almost all export centers in 31 provinces, including 35 online service bureaus and 13 within the organization of the Secretary General's Office in their direct service coverage area as part of their policy to offer their services to exporters in their respective areas.

Exporters who conduct their business in different industries join the related exporters' Association depending on their area of operations. Each Exporters' Association has a board of directors whose members are elected once in four years.

The Central Anatolian Exporters Association which is abbreviated to OAIB was established in Ankara in 1989 with a view to offering services to cement, glass, ceramic, and earthenware products.

Among those eight unions, "Cement, Glass, Ceramic and Soil Products Exporters Association", "Machinery and Accessories Exporters' Association", HVAC-R Industry Exporters' Association and Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association are the only exporters' unions in their respective industries throughout Turkey.

Central Anatolian Exporters Association which continue to offer their services everywhere where goods are exported function through their liaison offices in Konya, Ankara, and a logistics office in Ankara


AIB has an organization which has been highlighting problems faced in sub-industries in its area of coverage, offers solutions, and successfully represents its members on national and international platforms since its establishment. This, however, was not considered sufficient and it continues to conduct its operations by adapting itself to all kinds of innovations with a view to offering information to its members and to adapt itself to changes in the world in the best manner in line with globalization.

In that context,

Information is shared with member firms through circular letters and the following web sites of our unions.

  • Data obtained with regard to production, exports, imports, prices, competitors in world markets, and regulations related to their operations are regularly updated.
  • All kinds of information which exporters may need with respect to target countries and products is compiled and made available to members who wish to receive such information
  • Figures related to daily, weekly, and monthly export records are recorded.
  • Analyses regarding products and markets in target countries are made in order to realize and enhance export potential of related industries and our members and their results are disseminated to our members.
  • Problems faced by our members during export processes are notified to agencies and organizations concerned and necessary actions are taken to resolve them.
  • Training seminars are organized in order to encourage member companies to export their products and to gain a competitive edge in world markets.
  • We attend national and international conventions, seminars, symposia, and conferences and inform our members about issues discussed.
  • Representatives of companies in importing countries are invited to Turkey in order to enable them to meet with the representatives of member exporters. In addition, business visits are paid to target countries where one-on-one meetings are held between our exporters and businessmen in those countries.
  • Arrangements are made for direct collective participation in fairs organized in target countries in order to find new business opportunities in existing markets and to penetrate into target markets with a view to helping our exporters find new markets. In addition, other major fairs in which firms can participate individually or collectively are notified to our members and also posted on our web site.
  • "Machinery Promotion Group – MPG (www.turkishmachinery.com)" , "Ceramic Promotion Group -CPG (www.turkishceramics.com)", Ornamental Plants Promotion Group(www.turkishornamentalplants.com), Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Goup(www.tfyi.gov.tr) carry out their activities and efforts are being made to enhance the export potential and awareness of the industries in question.
  • Endeavors are being made to enable firms in the machinery industry to join their forces and to ensure growth in the industry through various projects such as "Machinery Industry Platform" and "Quality Brand in the Turkish Machinery Industry -TURQUM ) (www.turqum.com.tr)" among others.
  • The monthly magazines named "Moment-Expo (www.moment-expo.com)" and Flower Vision are published in the machinery industry in order to provide information about advances and new trends in the industry.
  • An annual "Exporters' Associations – National Furniture Design Competition (www.designforexport.org)" is organized in order to enable the industry to have new designs, to support the growth of the furniture industry, and to emphasize the importance of design to the industry. The competition is coordinated by Ministry of Economy and sponsored by Istanbul, Aegean, and Mediterranean Exporters' Associations in collaboration with TIM.
  • Requests for importation of goods and proposals for cooperation received by our trade counselors abroad and periodically conveyed to the Office of Secretary General are regularly disseminated to our members and other organizations concerned. In addition, such information is also posted on our web site (www.oaib.org.tr).
  • A "Turkish Exporters Guide" which contains the names and products of exporters which have exported their products in the past two calendar years and are currently members with updated address details are posted in Turkish and English on our web site (www.oaib.org.tr).
  • Customs declarations are approved and monitored through the head office and liaison offices of the Office of Secretary General as well as the e-Association system
  • Actions are taken to resolve problems encountered by firms in their dealings with authorities concerned during export processes.
  • We take part in efforts to draw up export laws and regulations and to arrange our country's international relations and the opinions and suggestions of different industries are conveyed to agencies and organizations concerned.